Site Classification & Footing Designs

A Site Classification is an important document for many building projects. In order for a buildings footing system to be designed appropriately one of the first steps is to determine the site classification. At Home & Industrial Consulting Engineers we have a team of experienced soil testers who work closely with our dedicated engineers to ensure that each site is classified correctly. In addition to the basic site classification, our report provides in-depth information on any site and/or soil problems that could be irregular to the individual site as well as providing minimum footing recommendations and expected soil movements based on our broad experience and testing results.

As a company we pride ourselves on being at the “leading edge” of soil testing procedures and our testing practices comply with Australian Standards AS 1726, AS 2870-2011 and Foundation and Footings Society (Vic) practice notes, all of which are established and accepted industry practice.

Structural Engineering

At Home and Industrial Consulting Engineers, we endeavour to provide value to our clients by providing cost effective structural engineering solutions. Our vision is to be leader in providing structural consultation to a range of projects throughout Australia.
We specialise in designing a wide range of projects including volume housing, custom design homes, multiunit development, basement designs, industrial structures and pavement design, public buildings, apartments, extensions, retaining walls, pools etc.

We have strong technical expertise in the field of structural engineering with over 30 years of experience. Our team of qualified engineers, draftspersons and management staff strive to achieve the most economical and innovative engineering solutions while maintaining the timely delivery of projects. We utilise the latest structural design, drafting and management software to achieve our client’s goals. Our In-house Geotechnical and Civil department gives us better insight into the project which helps in providing economical structural solutions to our clients.

Providing excellence in service to client throughout the design and construction process is our paramount.

Geotechnical Engineering

Understanding the ground conditions is important for any building design. We can provide the following geotechnical services:

  • Geotechnical investigation for apartment buildings
  • Basement retaining wall design and investigation
  • Landslip risk assessment for property development on hillside
  • Geotechnical inspection of excavated batter and retaining wall systems
  • Car parking pavement and local roads

Site Features and Level Survey

Site feature and/or Levels survey are required as the initial starting point for most land developments. A Site feature and/or Levels survey provides essential information for use by architects, structural/civil engineers, councils and builders. Home & Industrial Consulting Engineers has an experienced survey team which can provide detailed surveys with information that can include but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Fall of the land (Spot levels)
  • Overlay Title & Easements onto survey
  • Levels connected to Australian Height Datum (AHD)
  • Offset and setbacks of adjoining properties;
  • Location of habitable windows
  • Visible pits/services
  • Location & size of trees/vegetation
  • Finished floor levels of existing dwellings
  • Fence heights & types
  • Location of footpaths & driveways
  • Place bench marks at the front of property

We cater to individual requirements and can add or remove the required features upon request. All of our feature & levels survey are drafted to scale and can be made available in most Autocad Drawing formats.

Our survey technicians have been trained to provide an accurate representation of the on-site features. We have modern surveying equipment including Total Stations, high accuracy GPS and Laser equipment to precisely carry out these surveys. In order to reduce overall site costs our surveys can be carried out during the soil investigation.

Civil Engineering Designs

Our experience and close working relationship with Local Councils and Shires ensure that our civil designs adhere to relevant criteria, whilst providing the most efficient solution for your development application. We can provide cost effective design solutions.

Key services include:

  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Stormwater Drainage Design
  • On-site Detention System
  • Design of Subsoil Drainage for Groundwater Management
  • Absorption Trenches and Beds Design
  • Storm Water Pump System Design
  • Multi-cell System/ Soakage Pit Design
  • Hydrological Assessments
  • STORM Rating Report
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Building Damage Forensic Investigation

We can provide an engineering assessment on buildings or houses that experience distress due to natural hazards or in-sufficient design or poor construction practice. Our qualified engineers can inspect the buildings and provide advice on the possible causes of distress and recommend remedial solutions. If you represent building loss adjuster, builders, or building insurance companies, you’re welcome to call us and discuss your project requirements.

Bushfire Attack Level and Wind Rating

Wind Rating is an important parameter in determining what wind loading or wind speed is to be used on specific sites. It is an important design parameter in determining types of windows and structural bracing requirements for the building. We can carry out a field assessment and provide a Wind Rating Certificate for sites in accordance with AS 4055-2012
Some sites may fall within a Bushfire Prone area, we offer a complete assessment to determine the Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL) of your site to satisfy requirements for building approvals. Your assessed BAL may mean that additional or specialised materials need to be used during construction and may add to the cost of your development. The assessment we provide could be important to undertake during the initial stages of development to ensure your project is costed accurately. All of our BAL assessments are carried out in accordance with AS 3959-2009.